On behalf of the Office of Career Services (OCS), I take this opportunity to welcome you to South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU). The Government of Kenya, through the Post-Training and Skill Development, Ministry of Education in December 2018 recommended the establishment of the Office of Career Services in all tertiary institutions to empower students to make right career choices especially provision of adequate information on career services and skill development. The South Eastern Kenya University OCS was operationalised on 23rd January 2019.
The life of student is an integral part of learning and education experience at SEKU, and we pride ourselves in creating an environment for professional development through holistic education centered on academics, social and moral growth and adequately prepares our students for entry into the work force and or entrepreneurship. It is with this understanding that the At SEKU, OCS journeys with our students throughout their academic life by helping them make a smooth transition from study to employment. This includes provision of professional development counseling; career advising; intra-institutional linkages, linkage between students and industry and creation of an alumni incubator  that enable our students to have a competitive edge in the job market through internships, apprenticeships, exchange programmes and interaction with role models. Further, OCS strives to ensure that by the time our students’ graduate, they have the skill sets and experience to effectively compete for the top jobs in business and industry.
The OCS also conduct career fairs, networking workshops, professional development classes and curriculum vitae and cover letter review sessions for companies to engage our students and provide information regarding career opportunities and on - campus recruitment. This provides a platform for our continuing students’, graduates and professionals have an opportunity to interact with the different players in the industry including business firms and the private sector.
For students interested in pursuing post graduate studies, the OCS shall provide professional school visitation day where interested students travel to several universities touring campuses and reviewing programmes, grants and scholarship opportunities. Finally, SEKU has a Career Services and Mentorship Policy that provides a framework to nurture SEKU students to respond to the needs of the industry. I therefore, implore all our students to fully familiarize themselves with the OCS policy and all other services provided by OCS.
For more information, email us at career.services@seku.ac.ke or contact the Coordinator at 0721599870

Dr Dorothy A. Amwata
Coordinator, OCS