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Academic Advising

  • Assist students develop educational plans consistent with their life goals
  • Provide students with accurate information on academic progression and requirements, helps students to properly plan their progress
  • Assist students in understanding academic policies and procedures
  • Help students’ access campus resources to enhance their academic success
  • Identify systems and personal conditions that may impede students’ academics for necessary interventions.

Planned activities: Career advising

  • Recruitment of Career ambassadorsAdminister vocational testing to students to assess their careers plans, needs, interest, abilities and skills.
  • Job fairs and recruitment sessions: students/ employers meet
  • Workshops and resume writing training: interview etiquette, CV writing
  • Database: potential employers for every academic programme
  • Regular updates of an alumni database: authorised student information for potential employer reviews, mentorship and industry linkage.

Why is Career Pathway important?

  • Accelerate educational and career advancement through assessment of prior learning and experience.
  • Provide integrated supports like coaching, mentorship and advisory services.
  • Link academic training to relevant career opportunities in an industry, complementary skills and individual career progression

Career counseling Services

  • Assist students to explore their careers through career counseling services
  • Employers: skill matching of students, alumni with potential employers/industries
  • Support students to explore business opportunities through entrepreneurship hubs
  • Educate students/community on career opportunities and industry needs
  • Develop relationships with employers and other stakeholders where possible that will assist in co-curricular experiences for students
  • Provide a network between students, alumni, and industry as mentors to be able to make informed career choices

Planned activities: Career counselling services

  • Provide outreach services to assist students cope with typical developmental and situational issues
  • Operate a confidential interactive services: students share their private issues with counsellors and career ambassadors
  • Conduct group counseling programmes on common themes
  • Provide regular developmental and preventative workshops throughout an academic year based on needs: transition from secondary to university, assertiveness, stress and time
  • management
  • Recruitment of Career ambassadors
  • Graduate tracker services

Track graduates: relevant jobs, career progression

  • Regular feedback on the relevance of academic programmes to labour market for systematic review and improvement to respond to emerging needs of the industry.
    This process entails tracking records information of all students.
  • Strengthen an alumni networks: mentorship etc
  • Create an entrepreneur incubator

The SEKU entrepreneur incubator programme shall offer students who are willing to be entrepreneurs’ laser-focused support to develop their ideas through competitive calls
Mentor student innovators and provide access to information and, in some cases, seed money to enable them to realise their business ideas (proposals)
The programme will also provide seminars and workshops on entrepreneurships and innovations. This service will provided for free to all students interested in starting up their own business

Linkage between industries and students

  • Prepare and equip students skills relevant to job market
  • Practicums, internships and apprenticeships.
  • Development of entrepreneurship/ technology/innovations incubators/ hubs.
  • Mentorship programmes
  • Exchange programmes: short term fellowships

Other activities will include:

  • Recruitment High school students
  • Intra-institutional exchanges and strengthening the alumni network
  • Recruitment of Student ambassadors (Recruit and train student ambassadors to act as change agents and role models)

Career Fairs

  • Showcase innovations and pitch business ideas to potential investors who can finance and offer mentorship for the success of the projects
  • Networking and increasing the contacts between our students and potential employers.
  • Effectively and efficiently promote and market SEKU to prospective students/employers